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We’re back in Notts! Whoop! We can’t wait – its been far too long. Its also been a while since we’ve played at The Social. We’ve got very fond memories of that place as it was somewhere we used to go all the time and also the home of one of our very first gigs – for Supernight! – who have mostly now become the Hello Thor record label and Fists.

We’ll be playing with Public Service Broadcasting, who have had something of a meteoric rise to stardom over the last six months – ending up supporting Rolling Stones at Hyde Park this summer.

We crossed paths in the past as three of us Yunioshi types run a night at The Book Club, Shoreditch called “Come Get Felt Up”. Its something of a drunken clash of Blue Peter meets Art Attack. A themed craft night with mega prizes, live music and DJs spinning tunes – all while people make impressively imaginative things out of a mountain of card, plastic, felt and glitter. Public Service Broadcasting were one of the first bands we asked to play at our night back in 2010. It was one of their early shows, but you could tell that they were gonna go on and do really well. The whole gig was a spectacular with TVs and videos as well as the music. I mixed the sound for them that night too and it was a real pleasure – really fun.

So it will be nice to catch up and see how the guys are doing. I imagine everything will be covered in a thick layer of expensive tweed now.

More importantly though, it will be a real treat to unleash some loud Yunioshi into Nottinghams earholes. Its been a year since we played a proper loud show in our hometown. We’ve yet to reveal our new member Nathan properly to the collective Notts eye. It will also be the first time we’ll be playing our new single “Tanlines” to a Notts crowd. So, we’re pretty excited and we’re determined to treat you all to something special.

We’ve been informed that the show is likely to sell out, as most of the shows on the tour have already – so please get in quick to get your tickets. We’ve got a special event setup with a link to tickets so please visit it here.

Add your name if you fancy too. You never know. There could be a treat for you.

Or go straight to the box office link right here.

If you’ve not heard our new single “Tanlines” yet, have a listen here. Its now available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and our very own Bandcamp site.


We’re looking forward to seeing your sexy faces Nottingham!

Rob wrote this.


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