Shhh… Airwaves 2012 unplugged


We returned to our spiritual home in late October to catch up with our über gut buddies Bloodgroup and play at Airwaves for the third year in a row.

It is such a great festival in such a great city. Beers flowed, table football was played, the wind howled, the sleet poked at us with its frosty fingers, we met loads of new friends and watched some amazing bands.

We also played a couple of semi acoustic shows to some great crowds. It was a bit of a departure in sound for us as we knew we would be a drummer down. We programmed some beats and dusted off various melodicas, stylophones and omnichords and rebuilt many of our tunes, re-introduced some old ones and tucked a brand new one into the set while nobody was looking.

All went pretty well at the high fashion outlet of Kron Kron on the Friday night. Playing amongst the shoes and handbags was what makes Airwaves the most unique festival. Its why we keep on coming back. The endless supplies of free Gin and Tonic helped us ease into the festival.

The next night we played the awesome Reykjavik Backpakers venue. Its run by one of the nicest blokes you’re likely to meet in Reykjavik. If you find yourself in there, go say howdy to Jonny from us. This was a real fun gig with plenty of foot stamping from the pretty damn big crowd. We had a real ace time playing for you.

A real highlight for me was watching Lovisa aka Lay Low play in the Eldhús. The smallest Airwaves venue. We were picked to pop into the 5 person capacity venue. And what a bloody great treat it was too. The Lay Low signpost sits proudly in our studio!

The rest of our Airwaves adventure was spent at weird house parties, at the table football tables and boozing it up in the endless choice of top bars.

But, we did some proper band type stuff too – like a tour of the studio where our new album is being produced by the sexy electro cats, Bloodgroup. I had a wander round both Olafur Arnolds studio and Bjork’s Biophelia studio, and I tried to sneak a glimpse into where Gus Gus make their magic. A beautiful studio where Bloodgroup will spray their magical juice over everything we send their way.

We left planning our next Icelandic adventure while on the plane home. It can’t come soon enough.


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YUNIOSHI is not just one person. They are four people. And they are not just people - they are a band

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