Yunioshi EP Launch with friends

Feb 18th saw the official launch of our new Reykjavik EP to a busy Space at the Nottingham Contemporary.

“waves of synthfunk and dreamy 8-bit, amalgamated in a delicious marriage of blips and Beck-esque beats, with a healthy dollop of looking-over-your-shoulder menace, have the crowd grinning and grinding with joy.” Clash Magazine

We all started the day in London after watching Bloodgroup play an amazing set at The Roundhouse in Camden. Its so rare to have them play in the UK and we’re proud to be bringing them up to Nottingham to play for the second time.

Its nice to have them in our town as we’ve spent so much time wandering from bar to venue to bar with them in Reykjavik – we just wish we had them in town for a bit longer.

However, It does take us all some time to leave East London and we arrive in Nottingham with about an hour until load-in. The soundchecks all take a bit longer than expected, but we’re running the night so we just put the doors back by half an hour.

We really want good crowds for We Show Up On Radar, so we wait until there are enough people before getting Andy up on stage. He plays an absolute blinder and the crowds hang on his every delicate word.

Next up its us Yunioshi types. We have some fear about unleashing the new tracks. You never quite know how they will be accepted and we haven’t had the best preparation for this show!

We kick off with Worms before rattling through some of the tracks from the last EP. The crowds are dancing down the front and it looks packed right up to the back. Our new tracks seem to fit in well and all too soon we’re playing Thunderbird and Yunioshirocks – and its the end of our set. The crowd were amazing.

Next up is what we have all been waiting for – Bloodgroup. One of Icelands greatest exports and much ignored in the UK. They have a huge following in Iceland and the rest of Europe, and we want to show the Nottingham audience why.

Only about three songs in to the set and I look around and see that Nottingham has got it. Beautiful electro beats. Gentle vocals and pure rhythm.

Round the back before the gig started there was a chance happening with the costume worn by the Zebra mascot of the Contemporary gallery. Needless to say – it would have been rude not to slip into the outfit and some ‘mysterious’ person did just this and joined Bloodgroup up on stage to dance while they close there set down with some awesome big beats that rocked the very foundations of the Contemporary.

I think Nottingham now know why we go on about these guys as much as we do and we hope to get them back this way in the near future.

Anders from Hello Thor kept us all dancing way into when the lights came back on. All in all a great night and thank you so much to all who came down and supported We Show Up On Radar, Bloodgroup and made our EP launch a great night. Big thanks to Johnny the compare, Anders for the work on the One’s and Two’s, Andy Radar and, of course, our good friends Bloodgroup.

The EP is now available online on iTunes, Spotify as well as our Bandcamp page.

Here is a lovely review of the night from Clash Magazine.


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YUNIOSHI is not just one person. They are four people. And they are not just people - they are a band

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