Worms. The new music video from Yunioshi

It’s Worms. The new music video from Yunioshi.

A passion for slightly rubbish B-Movies inspired the latest music video from Nottingham band Yunioshi. Titles such as “Frogs”, “Tremors”, “Hausu” and “Frankenhooker” were at the forefront of the collective minds of the production team We Future Few and Yunioshi. 

“The writhing terror of killer earth worms seemed like worthy B-Movie subject matter.” says the video director Nathan T Crawley of We Future Few.

The video was initially destined for another song from the forthcoming new Yunioshi EP, Reykjavik. However, the opportunity to write a song specifically for the Worms video was too good an opportunity to pass up. “We wanted to channel something of that grindhouse dirty sound with this track” says Rob Yunioshi.

The video is the result of two days filming in the woods with around 2kgs of the finest earth worm actors and a stella cast of Joanna Mathieson, Nathan T Crawley, Anna Suzuki Yunioshi and Rob Yunioshi.

All worm actors were set free back into the woods where we hope the the bright lights and fame don’t go to their heads. A behind the scenes video has been planned go on public release if the number of video plays reaches a set target. We can’t reveal the target, but we can reveal that the video features a tiny hot dog van!

Worms Hosted at: www.youtube.com/yunioshirocks

Direct URL Link: http://youtu.be/R8EUZMXB-uc


About We Are Yunioshi

YUNIOSHI is not just one person. They are four people. And they are not just people - they are a band

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