Yunioshi Live on XFM X-Posure with John Kennedy

Late last night – probably this morning actually, we played live for John Kennedy on his XFM X-Posure show. Another serious life box ticked for us Yunioshi types! We’re getting through that list!

Yunioshi were asked to perform live on air as part of a select number of musicians who are playing at the Macmillan Big Mix festival in the Summer.

It was a great night for us and amazing to meet and play for John Kennedy. It was made perhaps even more memorable by the film crew who were making a film about the whole XFM Takeover for Macmillan. Their cameraman managed to unplug us live on air by tripping up over a cable while wandering around us.

It was great to be asked to get involved with Macmillan. It is something that means a lot to us all and we look forward to performing at the Big Mix festival alongside Newton Faulkner, Claire Maguire, Kid British, James Yuill and CocknBullKid.

Live radio interview and perfomance:

Official video:


About We Are Yunioshi

YUNIOSHI is not just one person. They are four people. And they are not just people - they are a band

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  1. “Yunioshi Live on XFM X-Posure with John Kennedy We Are Yunioshi” was indeed a incredibly excellent blog,
    . Continue posting and I’ll try to continue browsing! Thank you ,Jake

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