Anna’s Dot to Dot adventure

Yunioshi were one of  a number of Nottingham bands who played at last weekends DOT TO DOT FESTIVAL,  Anna Suzuki Yunioshi wrote an exclusive blog for Nottingham LIVE about the bands experiences during the day:

After our epic practice on Saturday we were raring to go and were anxious/excited for the next day. For the rest of the evening the Yunioshi Catering Corporation were busy baking well into the early hours with a good supply of tea to keep us going, (see for the recipe). No matter how tired we felt we were determined to keep our promise of providing quality-baked goods!

Although going to bed at late o’clock my eyes were wide open at 8am with thoughts of the day ahead and I couldn’t wait to get to the venue! I felt so honoured to be playing amongst all the amazing bands on offer that day and wanted to show everyone that we deserved to be there, so with this on my mind we set off to Stealth.

We arrived at midday and loaded in with the help of the lovely crew, I’m still not used to having people help us set up it feels a bit proper. We were lucky enough to have a sound check because we were the opening act at Stealth and it was great to get all the levels spot on. Sound check done, next on the agenda…food.

To the Orange Tree we went. A cup of tea was needed as my fellow band mates know I get a bit weird when I haven’t had one so they were concerned I get one asap. Hakushi and Jim tucked into a Sunday roast as we planned with the rest of the Yunioshi family the bands we wanted to see. Cults, Is Tropical, Joy Formidable, Ronika, Wolf Gang, The Naked and Famous, Swimming and King Charles were all on the wish list, although unfortunately some clashed with each other and our time slot.

After being fed we set off back to soak up the atmosphere of Dot to Dot, we checked out the lovely vintage clothes stalls on offer and went to see who was on the acoustic stage, which for next year definitely needs some amps to get the bands heard because it is a great idea but didn’t quite work this year. We went to the Rescue Rooms to get a pre gig beer and to calm the butterflies, bumping into lots of friendly faces on the way. It was packed with people everywhere and I kept hoping that some of them would be coming to see us play. With Swimming on at the same time as us I was preparing myself for a small turn out.

At 4pm after constantly checking our watches we decided to head over to Stealth. There was a queue going in which got me excited but then I saw it was for the cloakroom and when I turned the corner Stealth was pretty much empty! Rob, Hakushi, Jim and I looked at each other and smiled nervously. Then at 4.15pm the room started to fill up, more and more people kept turning up. Whoop! I was even more excited now.

It was time to get up on stage and you could see the four of us couldn’t wait, people started to cheer as we got up and we felt such a great buzz from the crowd. The sirens of ‘Ghetto Get Go’ started and we were ready to go, this drew the crowd further forward and by the end of the first song the room was full. We were met with a huge cheer from the audience and we were beaming!

The set is a bit of a blur; there was rocking, electro, sweating, ginger biscuits (all of which got eaten), a new admirer for Jim and an amazing crowd! The audience booed as we announced that we were about to play our last song and as we put our all into Thunderbird I remember thinking that I wished we could do it all over again. The response from the crowd was breathtaking and I don’t think our first appearance at Dot to Dot could have gone much better. We were blown away with the turn out and hopefully we picked up some new fans during the set.

Celebrations began afterwards with a beer and an interview with Fred Perry Subculture (I didn’t manage to get into the interview that Fred Perry was my Grandfather’s cousin). For the rest of the day we had people coming up to us saying they really loved our set and asking when our next gig was which meant loads to us, it was all a bit overwhelming. We were now ready to see some bands. Is Tropical were probably my highlight of the day with their amazing energy and sound, closely followed by the lovely electro pop that is Ronika and I was really happy to be able to catch Cults who seem to be band of the moment. By the end of the day I was so tired and so happy all in one. I can firmly say that this has been my favourite Yunioshi gig so far. Amazing festival, amazing people, same again next year please!

Anna Suzuki Yunioshi x

(Some images by Dom Henry)

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YUNIOSHI is not just one person. They are four people. And they are not just people - they are a band

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