How to survive a robot uprising

How to survive a robot uprising. The new EP from Yunioshi and launch night.

Our new EP was launched on 29 May at Nottinghams cafe bar in the ace surroundings of the Contemporary. We were joined by the awsomely orange astrobeasts spaceships are cool with their electro tinkles and sci-fi sunshine poppings and Japanese Sleepers, purveyors of folktronic bleeps with hints of Zero 7 and Fonda 500.

The new EP is made up of five tracks of boomin’ breaks, electro noise, pop vibes, erotic fiction and scuzzy angular guitars. Tracks cross between horn stabbed hip hop and scuffed up guitars through to pure electro beats that’ll make your booty rock. We hope that you like all we’ve got going on!

The first track released from How to survive a robot uprising is CTRL. You can hear it’s first airing on the BBC right here.

The EP launch was a grand night of fun and games – and you all really took to Come Get Felt Ups robot competition. Amazing sights!

The night was knitted together wonderfully by the guys at Come Get Felt Up who ran the fantastic craft competition throughout the night, dishing out the megas prizes at the end of the night.

The video projections went down well and the Yunioshi Catering Corp gig snacks seemed to rock your taste buds!

Thanks for making it an awesome night. The Five track EP is available online at iTunes, amazon etc. You can also stream it at and Spotify.

Physical copies can be purchased locally in Nottingham at The Music exchange.

Here is a video of all the fun and games.
Yunioshi EP launch video

Here is a review of the EP
Leftlion EP Review


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YUNIOSHI is not just one person. They are four people. And they are not just people - they are a band

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