Yunioshi. Quotes and press

Yunioshi. Quotes and press.

Being a band, we don’t have much of a passion for admin. It rained recently, so we stayed in and tried to collate lots of our press clippings and quotes. We got bored quickly and this is where we got up to.

Some quotes

Selected by BBC Introducing as one of the hottest emerging talents from the UK.

“Genre-mashing electro rock”
(Fred Perry Subculture)

“Think Beck dry humping the Flaming Lips with the robot from Lost In Space looking on and filming all the action for his own personal collection. The perfect pop band. They’re as catchy as hell.”
(Leftlion Magazine)

“With nods to Beck and whatever Kraftwerk would have turned out like if they’d had a girl in the band, Yunioshi’s feisty funked-up beats are saucily styled to make your pelvis pivot and your grin groove.”
(A Negative Narrative)

“Like mini-Flaming Lips reared on the lo-fi sketchings of Bis.”
(Drowned in Sound)

“A brightly, highly, super cool funk breakbeat three piece from Nottingham, with a sound that is so spot on it would appear this is more american sounding than a british thing! If you imagine Lemonjelly, Massive Attack and Del La Soul forming a supergroup, this would be the outcome!”
(Fierce Panda – Record Lable)

“The band blend Beck-style flagrant rhythms and otherworldly vocals in a DIY style, creating something danceable, updeat and louder than an American in a sun-visor shop.”
(Metro Newspaper)

“The exact place where found sounds and breakbeats merge with left of centre indie pop; all lilting Beck-style rhythms, hummable hooks and spoken word vocals in the style of Mr Ian Dury.”
( – Mymo: Single of the week)

“Great innit”
(Jo Whiley BBC Radio One – Mymo single release)

“A cracking tune”
(Stephen Merchant BBC6 Music – Yunioshirocks single)

“Yunioshi are mining a rich seam of Odelay-era Beck style indie/hip-hop crossover tunes. ‘Thunderbird’ is yet another example, with ominous horns, gruff growling rhymes and beats guaranteed to keep your feet moving.”
(Maps Magazine – Thunderbird single)

Radio interviews

Our soundcloud page has many of our radio interviews, from live appearances on XFM and 6Music to local BBC radio.

Yunioshi perform on XFM – X-Posure with John Kennedy (June 2011)

Tom Robinson BBC 6Music (May 2011)

The Beat with Dean Jackson. BBC Radion Live radio link from Toronto

The Introducing Inquisition – Tom Robinson BBC6 Music (Aug 2010)

The Beat – Dean Jackson BBC Radio Nottingham (May 2010)

The Beat – Dean Jackson BBC Radio Nottingham (August 2009)

Blogs and other articles

A Negative Narrative – Photo-Interview and feature (Feb 2011)

The Indie Handbook – Introducing Feature (Feb 2011)


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YUNIOSHI is not just one person. They are four people. And they are not just people - they are a band

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